My memory is a bit foggy on this one. I remember getting into Philly with Knoxville, Tremaine, and Nate; it was an early mission in the Jackass days. Looking at the contact sheet it was just Nate and myself filming, I see a camera in Tremain's hand as well. I thought maybe this was the first trip we took to Bams to film, but I am a little confused because on this trip we were being shadowed by a writer from Rolling Stone, so maybe it was not as early on as I think. Anyway, in the early Jackass seasons we would roll into wherever we were going to shoot and get props ready on the spot. A quick trip to Home Depot to buy random hardware and repurposable items to make completely dumb ass props. On this day I made two downhill racers out of Wheel Barrell kits, bolting 6-inch rubber casters under the buckets with a sandwiched piece of plywood to bolt the casters too. These things were death traps with no steering or any kind of suspension. We planned on having a downhill race, including a launch ramp for extra excitement. That was about the whole plan. We kinda knew there was going to be some amount of carnage and what unfolded was epic, to say the least. Bam, Ryan Dunn, and Decamillo brought us to what was probably their childhood backwoods hill for the event. The guys only made a few runs, all ending with wicked slams; then the launch ramp comes out. Of course, Bam takes the launch ramp at full speed and lands right on his ass, and we are off to the hospital to deal with a broken tail bone. I have no idea why but the hospital didn't seem to care that I was shooting video and photos all over the emergency room area. Bam was in a lot of pain but great spirits. The nurse calls me over to the X-Ray screen to point out that his tail bone was not broken and let me get a shot of the X-Ray clearly showing Bams Pee Pee. I am pretty sure the visible penis made its way onto MTV. These were the glory days of Jackass, priceless. R.I.P. Dunn.

Ryan, Decamillo, Knoxville, and Bam on the starting line. 

Run 1.

Dunn and Deco going for it.

Paying the price. 

I can imagine Bam saying "we can do better". 

Knoxville and Bam blasting.

And we are off to the hospital.

Bam Pre X-Ray.

The money shot.