I always get stoked when events happen at Pizzanista LBC. It's a mile away and Salman gets down with the get down. Splendid Feast was an event that featured a hybrid Art + Photo Show/Pizza release with plenty of merch and delicious food. I got to hang out with Salba, Donny Miller, Matt Fields, Tobin Yelland, Salman Agah and Andy Roy. Here's some pics. 

Andy Roy and Salman Agah

Porus Walker art

Jess Alford pics

Tim Kerr painted Blender deck and Joe Salinas pics

Photo of Harold Hunter, Painting of Jake Phelps, and Painted Deck of Skate Master Tate.  R.I.P.

Salba with stencil art and photos

Tim Kerr painted deck and Salba Jay Boy painting

Donny Miller

Pizzanista X Ripride merch

Bricks Brand

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Tobin Yelland prints

Pizzanista LBC