In 1999 I was fortunate enough to be asked to help relaunch Skateboarder Magazine, the publication had laid dormant nearly 20 years under Surfer Magazine. When I began skateboarding this was the go-to publication, before Thrasher, TransWorld, etc etc. As a kid Skateboarder Magazine got my lunch money, my allowance, every month I was on the hunt for a new copy, often I would make multiple trips to my local Stop-N-Go looking for it. Seeing pictures of Tony Alva got me extra hyped, the pics opened my mind to photography and the idea of documenting skateboarding. It didn't take long before I was borrowing my mom's camera and trying to recreate what I was seeing on the pages. When the opportunity came some 20 years later to relaunch the mag, I was stoked. When I showed up for the new gig at the Surfer office I was presented with a cardboard box of oddities, some slides, a few magazines, loose papers, a bagged long sleeve OG tee, and of course one of those yellow headbands. Here are a couple of items, I have no idea who shot the promo shot or Butt Boarding pic, the 40+ year old photos have been retouched back to life.