Towards the end of the '80s the skateboarding industry was in a heavy state of evolution; the Big Three were getting their legs sawed off by the raw talent of skateboarders themselves becoming insanely talented artist, manufactures and entrepreneurs. A trio of uprisings were plotting their future and ushered in the New Deal: Andy Howell, Steve Douglas and Paul Schmitt had their own idea of what a skateboarding company should be, feel and look like.

The trio were all forging their respective paths in the skateboarding world, both on and off the board: Andy as an artist, Steve on the business side and Paul pressing boards. Three storms came together, and uprooted the industry. Over the passing years, all three gents reigned supreme in their chosen disciplines. New Deal forged a path of thrusting talent, art, and business forward with a run in the industry that will never be forgotten.

One nite the storm touched down once again: Subliminal Galleries was overrun with passion. The walls of the gallery and the Hollywood Blvd streets were filled with skateboarding royalty paying tribute to the relaunch of an iconic brand and group of skater that forever changed the future on modern-day skateboarding.
Andy, Steve, and Paul: thank you.

Mission Statement

Andy Howell explaing a few things to an enthused group of skaters

Host Shepard Fairey, Andy Howell, and Jose Gomez.

Socrates Leal getting Paul Schmitt on camera discussing the massive undertaking in creating Art for the project

James Lee Johnson, Steve Caballero, and Chris Sutherland

Skateboarding Art Royalty Jose Gomez, and Dave Kinsey

Ted Newsome running camera

Caswell Berry and Bill Wiess

Louie Bareletta

Dave Duncan and Shepard Fairey

Wooden Sculpture by Paul Schmitt


September 28, 2019 - October 26, 2019

Subliminal Projects

1331 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 9002


Andy Howell, Andy Jenkins, Ashley Macomber, Buffmonster, Caratoes, Chad Muska, Chris Miller, Chris Prynoski, Dalek, Dave Kinsey, Ed Templeton, Eli Gesner, Evan Mendel, Fafi, Foster Huntington, Gorm Boberg, Greg Mike, Greg Higgins, Hellen Jo, Hueman, Jeremy Fish, Jim Mahfood, Jose Gomez, Justin Bua, Kai & Sunny, KwestOne, Lauren YS, Lori Damiano, Marc McKee, Matt Hensley, Paul Schmitt, Persue, Sam Flores, Sean Cliver, Shepard Fairey, Sickid, Steve Caballero, Toybox Monster, Woes Martin, and more.