In the early ‘90s skateboarding had many awkward moments, helmets at street contests, big pants and small wheels, and very small payments for photography. I have a tear sheet book with magazine pages and catalogs from that time that I shot: a sequence back then was paying about 40 bucks. With a lack of interest in shooting, I took up playing in bands and building chopper bicycles while living in a commercial photography studio out in San Bernardino, California. I played in ten bands or so between 1991 and 1994; it was a really fun time as the local music scene in SoCal was thrieving

Back then I was freelancing for a few music magazines, shooting local acts from San Diego to Hollywood. On a shoot for Meanstreet magazine I met Rob and Ed from Wish For Eden at a studio out in Redlands, and got a tape from them. A few months later I went back to that same studio with pro skater Tom Knox to do some recordings, Rob and Ed showed up to hang out. I had been listening to their tape a lot: the songs were good and it was heavy. They asked me to join the band playing bass.
In September of 1993, we got signed as the first artist at Tooth and Nail Records and went in the studio to record an album that was released a few months later. This roll of film is from our supporting northwest tour: Santa Cruz, Portland, and Seattle. I don't think I have ever looked at this roll of film nor made any prints. I don't remember even having a camera with me, nor who shot the pics of us playing. I made a couple of calls yesterday to ask friends if they shot the photos, but no luck. It was over 25 years ago and those memories are long gone.
I can't recall in what city Rob got the Walker back piece inked; the small crowd live shot was in Portland, and it looks like we made a stop at Burnside skatepark. Then were in Seattle shooting what looks like a promo shot at Jimi Hendrix grave; also looks like some photos were taken at the Off-Ramp or Crocodile Cafe shows.