As humans, we tend to collect things; as a photographer, the obvious is photographs. But what can we pull from the images? How do you feel when you sit with the pictures? I have shot skateboarding for 40 years now. I started at a very young age using my mom's camera, which was long before coming to age; when I peel out images these days, I get sentimental about many things. I re-imagine the passion I had at that time, at that place, what did I take away from the shoot, how bad of a photographer was I at that time–the details.

December 1990, Natas Kaupas, Santa Monica. We had met a few years prior when I was freelancing for Santa Cruz/SMA, going to Natas's at that time. Naturally, when he started 101, I was there to help in any way I could. Going to his house to shoot 4x5 transparencies for slick bottom boards, I got to see Natas's studio personally. Thinking back on this photo, I faintly remember going to photograph the Gabriel Rodriguez(R.I.P.)/Hand Grenade slick bottom image; after we went down the street to shoot this back tail. Visiting Natas's house back then, I remember being inspired by his art and early use of computers. He inspired me to actively learn how to present my photography, to become an art director.