I just left the HUF Forever Memorial up in Hollywood. I have a pit in my stomach and my mouth is dry. As I am driving home I am cruising thru the old neighborhood in the Miracle Mile we dubbed “The Campus” and I am feeling the loss of Keith.

The memorial was curated perfectly and captured the essence of Keith's style and personality. Images of him hopping fences, blasting ollies, and of course that million-dollar smile. In the 20 + years I knew him he was always upbeat and motivated, and shooting with him was always a pleasure.

I pull over at this gas station on 6th and La Brea, the one I used to go to when I lived on The Campus, I am wondering why I am feeling distressed about this evening. It has been a couple of weeks since his passing; I had already spent a Saturday digging thru photos to scan for the New York memorial, and images for this evenings tribute. But tonight, on the way home, it hit me…

Tonight I am thinking of his family, his closest friends, the crew he put together at HUF Worldwide —all those who were in attendance this evening. I listened to many stories from his family and cohorts, and everyone told the same tales of a man calm and upbeat, a problem solver and man of his word.

It is always upsetting to see a person's life get cut short, but it hurts even worse when the person is someone we look up to, and Keith was that. I wish I had half of his qualities but I don’t; all I have is what he left: an inspiration to be a better person, and I thank him for that.

R.I.P Keith. You will be seriously missed by many people. Thank you for the memories.

October 29th, 2020


With photos by Gabe Morford, Sammy Gluckman, Giovanni Reda, Aaron Meza, Tobin Yelland, Mike Blabac, Dennis McGrath, Ken Goto, Atiba Jefferson, Lance Dawes, Grant Brittain, Miki Vukovich, Ben Colen, Greg Hunt, Ari Marcopoulos, Mike O’Meally, Theo Hand, Sue Kwon, Mike Ballard, Joe Brook, Dave Schubert and Pete Thompson. Video by RB Umali.